The difference between man and woman

The two philosophies… Masculine and Feminine

There are two basic philosophies in life and they are gender oriented. As they were designed to be. Both are correct. HOWEVER, they have designated environments that they must function in, otherwise there is no order, privacy, justice, nor peace.

Really, it's the battle of the sexes.

• Provide for me
• Protect and Defend me
• Something for nothing
• Carnal, highly sexual
• Indulgence and play
• Care
• Emotional, obedient to emotions ( when burdened it's at the expense of freedom, reason, logic and order)
• Innocent, not able to take blame, or consequence for one's actions ( because they are controlled by environment and how one is treated)
• Short term gratification

• Provide for myself and those who love me
•Protect myself and those who love me
•No such thing as a free lunch
•When it comes to sexuality: Self restraint and order.
•Indifference to pain and rejection, care for those who love me
•Bears his responsibility as a leader
•Longterm gratification