Waiting for 3 women in love

What are we waiting for?


So, why don’t we just have two other women live with us, just not married?

My answer is security and equality.

The women need to be treated equally and have equal stance with each other. It does not make the new women have security. We could up and leave or tell them to leave. We wouldn’t, but how are they to be certain unless its officially binding? All must be in it for the long haul, with pre-nuptials. Including myself for equality purposes. Because we don’t have that, they would feel inferior because I’m owned. I’m officially his. It would make me feel guilty. That is a burden. An unnecessary burden.

The other security issue is that I would get emotionally involved with this(ese) woman(en) and one or both can up and leave. That would be a rejection burden for me. It would break my heart. And what about our kids. Plus an accident could happen in the baby department. Even though my husband is quite an expert at not ejaculating except on command. There are occasional small emissions. One could; most unlikely, however, get potentially pregnant and decide to leave since we are still perfecting our system. She would only care about her security and take our money and cause a huge mess. What a huge burden on me. Because it would cause me to look down on my husband for not being the one in control! It would cause problems for the kids and my husbands work.

It would also be a huge reminder that my husband doesn’t have power over his personal life, the government does.

There is nothing more that I want than to have polygyny for us. I see so many benefits! For my husband, me and the kids. If you have ever been kept away from something that you so passionately want…. That is how I feel on a daily basis. One thing that I so passionately want to experience is another womans pregnancy. To watch her glow and grow. To listen and feel her tummy. Take care of her.

It sucks not being able to have close girlfriends cause we don’t have the same master and direction in life. And most them have given up.

I really hate monogamy. I make it sound sometimes that I’m not happy, but I am. I really am! I just have REALLY HIGH STANDARDS. I know for myself, that those standards can only be reached in polygyny.

We are trying to find ways of helping legalize polygyny. I hope in the next 10 years.