The woman

To feel alive


The woman

To feel alive


Bullshit government, Monogamy

Gender extinct

Gender is going extinct ……. The most noticeable is japan, people are becoming its. A curse of monogamy. 

The most crucial questions are being replaced with questions. Nothing but confused and hollow shells. 

Who am I? 

What am? 

What’s my function? ( what do I do?/what’s my purpose?) 

What’s left is a……….?


The world cannot be built on a un-steady surface such as questions. 

It can only be built on a solid foundation such as facts. 

You can see the inner battle, in the eyes of the boy. 

Dating, The woman

Keep her

My husband is now going through a dating process. We want to avoid the mess. We asked the question, ” can you have a relationship with out sex and still keep her?”…… The answer is YES!!!!!!!!

BUT, the MOMENT you ISOLATE HER, whether it’s in a car, room, elevator WHATEVER…….and you want to keep her. YOU MUST HAVE SEX. 


1. Confidence

2. Lots of options 

3. Don’t isolate 

In a girls mind ISOLATION = SEX

If you ever isolate or she isolates you and DONT GIVE HER SEX, it’s a sexual rejection. You have proven you are not her master.  

Keep her desiring to be isolated. 


Simply put

Both men and women are products of their environment. The difference between them is that men actually can go against the grain, in the face of continual rejection – looooooooooong-term. 
Women emotionally can’t.