I’m still here, lots has happened, still on our way. Won’t let you know if we are close or far away. We learned more, ALOT more.  And I will share when writing isn’t a stress anymore,  when the real 3 in love system has gone through the transition period, edges smoothed out and gained momentum.



3 women in love, Dating, The woman, Waiting for 3 women in love

Timing is everything

I have to wait. Wait for him to grow. It’s so hard. 

I just want the consistent love of a woman. The warmth of her love in my heart. Her light. 

To see, to hear, to smell, taste and touch her. 

I’ve come to understand not only will I worship my man. But, I will also worship the two others. Feminity. My need to worship a woman. To give my un dying love to her as well. 

And together we worship him. 

My tears are constant this past week. I don’t want to grieve anymore. I just want it now. 

But, patiently, he builds our foundation. 

Dating, Sexuality

“Your lord and king” my ass.

Looking through the facade of players. Words and nothing more.  

Players motto:

Don’t be afraid to lose her 

Irrational self confidence

Ignore her beauty
The fact that their goal is get sex as soon as possible, is ignoring their own mottos. That fact, “get sex quick” IS SET AROUND FEAR OF LOSS. Because if you don’t have sex YOU WILL LOSE HER. 

Obviously she’s beautiful, obviously their not confident in keeping her long term. Hurry up and get in her pants or you are gonna lose. 

Then get rid of her quick before she rejects you. Before she tells you that you need to change. (Fear)

Little do they know that a lot of their behavior and philosophy is feminine. 

Short term gain, longterm pain. 

Their is hell is this.



Shallow relationships

Un-fulfilled women 


Real men have no fear of rejection, commitment, or change.


There are only two ways of life



Every law should revolve around freedom to choose. Freedom to choose good, freedom to choose bad. 

The only thing that should exist is the protection from force or the threat of force. 

Why do people choose bad? Ignorance and emotional needs not met because of ignorance. 

Ignorance of the longterm effect of their ill choices. 

If people knew the reasons why, they would choose correctly. 



I hate monogamy

Things are still progressing but, some things must come first but, until then. 

Don’t ever expect me to be strong 
Don’t ever expect me to not be emotional 

Don’t ever expect me to be untouched by problems

Strength in numbers.  I am weak without the other two.  I’am empty without the other two. I am dead without the other two. And it’s so $&@£ing lonely. 

Women want emotional freedom. They can’t see how they could get it with two other women. My husbands way really is the only way. 

They fear in-equality, not being special, dying inside, left out. 

It’s true if the man is an f-ing girl; emotional and un-confident. Not willing to listen, think differently or change. He MUST Understand that he can only handle 3 women and NOT more. 

But, it’s possible with this way. Things are very different than the past, all that has been said or experienced. 

If you do the same, you’ll get the same. You do different, you’ll get different. 

And we are different. We are on the woman’s side, we are for her emotional freedom. We want her to feel like she can fly, shine and be fulfilled. 

When she’s fulfilled the man can fly and achieve.