Female President 

We all want to feel a certain way. And we all believe that something or someone is going to give that feeling to us. 

My question is, is really having a female president going to make women feel the way they want to feel. Having an emotional man as president isn’t the best either. but I still believe it’s the lesser of harms. So let’s start out with this. Women are the problem, men are the cause. But, women are already in control and we want more control? 

So, What are we trying to accomplish with feminism? Feminism I feel might be getting to the point of hanging ourselves through blind anger and the defiance of wanting to be understood. Our minds and bodies are suffering from the sickness of confusion and emotional lack. A skreeching halt of paralyses or the over panicked desperation through our attempts of trying to lift the weight off our hearts to feel free. Never really deciding what is going to make us feel better. Constantly changing focuses or tasks. 

I just wonder when will it be enough? Women have NEVER been happy! We have more physical freedom now then we have ever done and now our emotional freedom is gone? We feel dead inside, We have gone past feeling. Or the opposite spectrum of I don’t know what to do with all these emotions! We get pleasure from others pain. Gossip. Tear down, belittle, leave out, segregate. We like people living in emotional boxes. And angry when they have it better. We want to take it away from them and have it for our own, despite how hard they worked for it. We want to suck off them OR THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE IT!!  Because, I’m already in my box WHY ARE YOU NOT IN YOURS!

Let’s pretend.

POOF! Female president. Now what? I can hear some women out there say ” YEAH, THAT’S RIGHT B$&CH” to all the men in her head who have treated her unfairly, took something by force or who she consentually did something with, that she actually WANTED to do at THAT time. But then, regrets that she actually did it and WANTED to do it. Lying to everyone because of the regret and embarrassment of her past judgement and ignorance. 

SO IS THAT IT? Just to get one over on men and stick our thumbs to our nose wiggle our fingers and say ” I told you so!” ?

Or do we want to suffocate men, put them in a box AND Squuuueeze every last manhood out of them. Take away their choices and freedom. Slapping Laws here and there on them. Sucking every last dime they worked hard for. Turning them into crying, dependent and emotional girls. And have them grovel and beg for help. Innocent to their failures. And have them be deceived it’s not their fault anymore it’s ours. 

To have that everyday all the time? To need you to do this, to do that because they can’t do it themselves. Because laws are too complicated and exhausting to find loop holes. Not able to rise above in resources and finances. Exempt from the bedroom. Does that turn you on? Or does that put a huge weight on your heart? 

We have become so burdened, twisted and dark that we believe that emotional torture, force restrictions, laws, rules, cages, taking choices way from people are the answers to our problems, that controlling and pointing out everyone else’s dysfunction except wondering about our own is the answer. YOU CHANGE, not me! I’m already in my box WHY ARE YOU NOT IN YOURS! Now police have become the bad people carrying out all these micromanagement rules. Punching women, men and children because we question whether police are in the right anymore. Police are frustrated that they aren’t being taken seriously. = more control. 

More control = Anarchy. 

Women’s ignorance of themselves is becoming devastating. Female psychology should be a huge priority. In a sense women should be able to act on their emotions not judged for them. This is VERY SCARY FOR MANY WOMEN because of the secret darkness they carry around. The fear of their cool exterior being shined through like they’re naked. And everything will spiral out of control if that happens. Because if they can then men can too. 

Ahhhhhhh! World war 3. 

No, as long as the darkness does not stay bottled up inside and vented out through, talking, crying, screaming and hitting inanimate objects, this will bring the beauty of us finally figuring out how to find ways to get a woman to have nothing but positive feelings and thoughts that she can act on. Because she can show her true colors. We can see cause and effect. Naturally, not by fear, force, suppression or lack of choices. Not only for women but for men too. What will naturally drive and inspire the goodness in people to want peace and the freedom of others. To TRUST. Which is the WHOLE PURPOSE OF MY WRITINGS. Most them are short and sweet. I have a lot of work to do on systemizing things, but seriously search my writings. Which you do the exact opposite, of course. 

By nature women’s emotions are far more intense than men’s. When we put effort into something we expect something miraculous in return because of how much emotion we temporarily put into something. The universe and PEOPLE don’t care about that. It cares about consistency. And women/ feminine creatures are incapable of being consistent. Feminine men have a better shot at this because of testosterone. Makes themselves easily self moldable. They just don’t believe they are capable of change. Women are completely environment based and options based. They are where they are because of the options available or things pushing them in that direction. 1. Fear 2. Have no choice/what else is there 3. Obsession (the only thing that is emotionally rewarding) which is usually determined by number 2. Even in their obsession they don’t feel the way the they want to feel. Just this constant pull. A state of keep moving cause if I don’t I’m not gonna feel good. 

Can you see so far, how having a female president might not be THE BEST option. We are purely based on feelings. Not numbers, statistics, facts, proof of outcome or even scientific method. 

Let’s look at all the other downsides. Being a woman can you see how controlling we are and unstable and inconsistent we are. Tossed emotionally around by the things around us. Especially stress and the weight of burden! Why would you subject ANOTHER WOMAN to the emotional torcher of holding THE WEIGHT OF THE WORLD on her shoulders! Let alone the POWER of her SUPPRESSED FEAR! Which should be HIGHLY FEARED. Not to mention eating disorders from stress. Do you know what NOT eating does to the mind. Impatience!!!! The first sign of hunger is impatience and the second is CONTROL! What about menopause! WIRES! Did you know that the psychological cycle of the period of the woman still exists after menopause. BAD SHIT PMS, burden and hunger! One bad day at the White House and 1 red button! 

Do you really think that a female president would give freedom to all! And to everything. Do you really think that the only things she would think about are

The right to do whatever you want as long as it does not 

1 Physically kill or harm another person. 

2 Harm or take another person’s hard earned property. 

That a person can do whatever they want to do for or to themselves as long as they do not violate the two above. 

I don’t think she would. She would be thinking about all the emotional things! Actually she’d care more about how she feels! Which means endless suffocating laws. Which is not for the government to control but as humanity together to figure out how to keep emotional happiness steady. 

Do you really want to suffocate the life out of people. And is that really how people are going to be inspired to aspire? 

Why are we so scared of freedom???   


3 girls in love

The environment we want FOR THE WIVES in our house is,♡ONLY 3 of us.

Emotional and physical freedom through

♡ Wives naturally revert back to or stay as they were at sweet 16. Never change. Encouraged to be childlike. Excitable Puppies.

♡Encouraged to be lustful, "Carnal" and sexual with eachother and the man.

♡ Fun and play in; health, responsibilities. Natural effortless routine.

♡ Husband guides the codes of conduct between the women.

♡Women bring concerns about how things function to The husband. Solutions are agreed by all.

♡We clean our own personal belongings. But, majority of the time, We clean together or at the same time. No one is left alone to do cleaning etc. Always together.

♡ Exploration, adventure, practical learning, talents, talent shows. Explore the capacity of the mind and body. Lives in and for the now.

♡Homeschooling for kids and teach children to enjoy life. And learn through their curiosity path. Parents guide boundaries and basic learning necessities

♡The three have Crazy and Wild threesome/ foursome sex, in private quarters.

♡ Sneaky sex. Whisk husband away for one on one's……With the thrill of being caught.

♡Arrange one on one's or private time with husband.

♡ Women get what they need when they need it.

♡ Sexy dance performances for husband or each other

♡ Shopping, crafts, arts.

♡ Only one woman will be pregnant at a time. When she wants it. She will be taken care of. Encouraged to rest, eat enough and receive body care.

♡ mothers keep their milk, 3 mothers with milk make it easy for new mothers/new borns. 1 mother can breastfeed another mothers baby when asked. Children breastfed up to the age of min 3-max 5
❤️ Each woman's cycle of bearing a child comes when the child has turned 8. Every 8 years that woman is capable of having a child if she wants. System : 1 woman has a child, 3 years after that, the next woman has a child, 3 years after that the third woman has a child. By the time that 1st woman gets the chance to have another child her first child will be approx 8 years. This allows her body to heal and her stress levels low and the child's needs for her are greatly relinquished from her at this age.

It is highly IMPORTANT that the women are SEXUAL WITH EACHOTHER AND EQUAL with eachother. NEVER left out. Women are me too/ personalize everything creatures and must be allowed to participate. Otherwise keep it out of her environment. Women who are sexual and equal with eachother will extinguish Jealousy, Envy, and Selfishness

●He is a master of himself. Disciplined. Complete ejaculation control

●Lives by truth, honesty, longterm principle, and creates longterm win win solutions.

●Says what he means, means what he says.

● Rich in; money, time, network and resources.

● Inspires voluntary worship from his wives. A God.

●If women act un-favorably it's his responsibility to improve himself or their environment.

●Work, discipline, routine, risk, break boundaries, sets goals, man of action, long work hours, is often gone.

●Past, present and future. Spends most time learning from the past to make the now (future) better .

Rewarded for his results when the women bring him into THE NOW. TO ENJOY their horniness. Their crazy, wild, fun, intoxicating personality and sexuality.


Cellulite digest

My hubs is in a health business. So, of course I got annoyed when I read from one source that cellulite can only be taken away through surgery.

Read another article from a traveling physician, that says girls are getting it younger and younger.

Really, surgery. You gonna chop up 15 yr olds.

Sometimes in order to know if something is true or not I go back to roots and start my research from there.

So why would god make it that chopping ourselves up and medicating ourselves is the cure for everything?

That things can’t be solved, with the body you have and the resources put here from the beginning of time. That our beautiful bodies and minds (which only is used up 10% of its capacity) are not enough.

Surgery, drugs, meds, effective QUICK FIXES. Coping methods for a life incorrectly lived.

When we found the website of the traveler and his findings on cellulite he says that really the key is Hormonal balance!!!!!!

The only place on earth you can find emotional fulfillment is not in monogamy.

People blame it on industry, technology, laziness. People are naturally motived when emotionally fulfilled. Driven!

People are lazy because they aren’t motivated, not motivated because they lack the worship or love needed the correct people. And the correct people can’t do that be THEY don’t have the capacity cause they suffer from THE SAME THING.  I can promise you is not industry, technology, or laziness. We are burdened, unfulfilled and lacking.

And monogamy is the cause.


A cure for every disease

Reason for people to be healthy statistically

1.STD (MOSTLY Herpes)

2. Ailment, any other allergy or disease 


So let’s imagine, just step in too my world for just a second. Pretend that this is a fact. Yes there is a cure 

but, it means 

You have to be perfect in health, sleep and emotional stability 

Emotional stability controls the other two. And even if you think you’re perfect in being healthy. I’m can promise that no one is perfect in emotional stability. 

Stability is the absence of negative emotions. 

And where does stability come from? 

Emotional fulfillment. 

Stability and fulfillment is a requisite for healing. 

If you’ve read previous posts,

In the world of monogamy there is no prevention or cure. And all your money is going to waste to help aid things. Especially if they are only looking at molecular things and not the things which drive, power and motivation to people. 


An open mind


At the moment I want the world to heal so bad that I’m saying that ANYTHING is better than monogamy. My mind has been endlessly reeling at how to explain to the world. In way that is acceptable and permissible by all.  And not just my own personal view of 3 girls in love. A way that still allows people to be who they are, where they are at, AT THIS moment of time, BUT still follows the rules of nature. So they can find belonging and can create a family unit that fits them. So that every individual can open the gateway of understanding that the root cause of all horrible things that plague us as humanity is monogamy and the misunderstanding of feminine and masculine. History will endlessly repeat, repeat, repeat. Death, disease, poverty, famine and war. 


Monogamy causes = EMOTIONAL LACK

Emotional lack incapacitates, demotivates, and makes us hurt ourselves as well as others.

So im going to say there is one and only one family structure that can exist. And everyone can fit in it.

If you define yourself as masculine or femine despite gender these are the rules.

The family must consist of 1 masculine person to 3 feminine persons.


If you look at the diagram above it explains that femine philosophies and masculine philosophies are opposite to each other and CANNOT co-exist in the same environment. They have different priorities and focus. They will each need to have it their own way.

Masculinity exists out side the 4 walls of the home. And femininity exists within the home.

Masculinity thinks about and solves world problems. Femininity thinks and takes care of problems within the boundaries of the home. 

The masculine individual MUST provide the environment for the feminine ones and their needs.

When one feminine individual needs to be an individual in the eyes of the masculine person then the other two have each other.

Femininity cannot stand on its own and needs the support of two others. 3 is the number and the only number because of the nature and capacity of femininity.

Less or more than 3 causes segregation, jealousy, and all negative emotions. Which leads to dis-unity because of capacity.

All are sexual with each other.

The sign that you are in the wrong category of feminine or masculine is emotional instability, cruelty to others, serial sexuality and dependency on substances; like drugs, alcohol, food and money in order for you to feel the way you want to feel.

The future is built on the stability of the previous generation. 

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I’m still here, lots has happened, still on our way. Won’t let you know if we are close or far away. We learned more, ALOT more.  And I will share when writing isn’t a stress anymore,  when the real 3 in love system has gone through the transition period, edges smoothed out and gained momentum.



3 women in love, Dating, The woman, Waiting for 3 women in love

Timing is everything

I have to wait. Wait for him to grow. It’s so hard. 

I just want the consistent love of a woman. The warmth of her love in my heart. Her light. 

To see, to hear, to smell, taste and touch her. 

I’ve come to understand not only will I worship my man. But, I will also worship the two others. Feminity. My need to worship a woman. To give my un dying love to her as well. 

And together we worship him. 

My tears are constant this past week. I don’t want to grieve anymore. I just want it now. 

But, patiently, he builds our foundation.