Time has stood still

We’ve learned all we can now. Now it’s just application. 

We have to wait until June. 

Sometimes it feels like I’m in the middle of the ocean….. Nothing to be seen. Just water, the blazing heat of the sun and no wind. 


The slight edge book constantly talks about invisible results. 

Imagery I would use to explain this principle would be …a swan. A swan gracefully floats on the surface of the water. While underneath, his legs paddle furiously. 

Silence before the storm. ⏳⌛️

I just want to be happy all the time as life was made to be. 



I miss her

I really miss her😔 yes I’m talking in non specific terms…….June. 

Missing Hugs, kisses and cuddles😘😘😘 


Suppression, The woman

That explains it

Started my period… The emotional intensity just before the period is CRAZY!! Especially for burdened women. 

For new comers, suggest you read about burden and suppression

Burdened women have no control over emotions

Unburdened can channel emotions.

Women can NEVER ignore, overlook or choose not to feel emotions

Women who do, feel dead inside

What makes women feel alive are different from what makes men feel alive. 

Right now for me my burden is .. Three kids under 4. They can’t feed themselves, dress themselves and bathe themselves. They don’t function on their own. 8 is the age of self care and reasoning of choice.  SPACE YOUR KIDS WISELY!!

All together I have a house, 3 kids husband and myself. 1 person trying to take care of 4 other people is MADNESS. Cleaning cooking, health and stay sexy…. NOT POSSIBLE IN MONOGAMY



Waiting for June. Hate all this up and down stuff. I’m happy when the women are here!! 

BUT when they’re gone…..I’m miserable.

Somedays, I wish I wasn’t a woman. Some days I just want to kill myself. Because I can’t function without the right environment. 

I just want stability NOW. Tired of waiting…

Time please pass by quickly

The woman

Too many masters = too many responsibilities 

(This is all based on men being masculine and women being feminine)

Men are task focused

Women are people focused

Men can do a task whether or not they like the person who tells them to do it. For a long time. 
Women doing tasks is completely dependent on her liking the person who gives it.  
Women only perform from the person they are in love and obsessed with. 

Men need to know:

Women can only function in the now. 

They can only achieve short-term goals and rewards by themselves. 

She can barely handle maximum 3 tasks.

Optimally she can go above and beyond with 1 correctly prioritized task.

Women prioritize emotionally. 

Men prioritize logically if he is masculine.

Women can ONLY reach far away goals and rewards WITH a man helping her to focus past rejection, problems etc. 

When a woman is burdened, her biggest incentive is fight or flight – but most often flight because of her fears and insecurities. She will always flee to where she is understood. (Feminine)

The woman

A woman in love

A woman in love is naturally submissive. She does not play hard to get. What she does do is wait for you to tell her what you want from her. 

Many girls who don’t know the importance of communication don’t speak. And true femininity speaks only when spoken to NATURALLY. Towards the male. 

She will reveal her feelings if the man strategically reveals his own.