Have you…

Have you ever kept a record of what foods do to your body? Have you ate the same meals over and over again, isolating certain foods, took them away then adding them again. When I eat the Dr fuhrman way, (predominantly plant based and vegan with exceptions) I NEVER EXPERIENCED THESE THINGS as I did growing up and throughout my years. Finally figured out why my body was so distressed as a kid.

I myself want to live a vegan lifestyle. Working my way to making sure that I live it with precision and calculated so I get all the nutrition I need. I Also need time and money. My body appreciates when I eat every three hours, making sure I feel satiated in quantity and nutrition. That is what takes money and time. I want to sit and eat peacefully.

1. I don’t drink alcohol. My own personal standards and choice. Doesn’t mean I haven’t in the past. But, I dislike what it does to my skin, tummy, head and behavior VERY MUCH. Especially dislike what happens to my feelings after.

2. Don’t drink coffee or black tea personal choice and standards because of effects on my body, skin and behavior.

Here’s my personal record..,


Never feel satiated ( hunger never quenched), feel like my insides are being coated and suffocating, Soar throats, Phlegm, coughing, Constant mucus drainage and needing to swallow, tonsil stones, zits, acid indigestion, tummy problems, problems when I sing, intense and smelly gas, genital itching, yeast infections, smelly breath, teeth needed more maintenance, builds mucoid plaque, makes me feel fearful of my health, weight gain,


Stinky armpits and stinky sweat, bad breath, dead looking skin, beef caused genital itching, teeth need more maintenance, makes me feel somewhat fearful of my health, takes energy away from me. I myself do not participate in organized religion. but I do very much appreciate Halal meat (chicken). Haven’t tried beef yet maybe it won’t give me the effects of non halal meat.


Moodiness, headaches, extreme moodiness during pms WITH sugar vs. WITHOUT sugar, itchy body, intense itching spots on body, zits, SENSITIVE TEETH, excessive hunger, fatigue, tiredness, agitated, I look older, I feel it ages my skin, builds mucoid plaque, teeth need more maintenance, makes me feel very fearful of my health,


Moodiness, fatigued and tired, “bread head/ dead head”, dry head, CANNOT CONCENTRATE, very slowed thinking, it messes with a certain part of my brain, right behind my frontal lobe and inbetween the two hemispheres (where children have soft spots when they are born) RAPID WEIGHT GAIN, bloated tummy, constipation, HUGE TONSIL STONES, acid indigestion, genital itching, itchy body, I start to look older in my skin, builds mucoid plaque

Maple syrup:

Genital itching

Caffeine: (green tea)

Headaches, zits

Yeast: (have not tried nutritional yeast)

Genital itching, yeast infections


My tummy and head do not like it too much either. sometimes feel nauseous


Acid indigestion (don’t get the other symptoms of eggs even though made from eggs)

DAIRY and sugar mix

Itching, coughing, headache and energy issues quite quickly after eating.



Men are the trees, women and children are birds on the wind. Men create the air current, women and children float on the breeze he provides .

Turbulent man creates turbulent winds. He destroys and in his path he leaves behind his demons and crazy in her and her desperation of love and sanity; Anywhere it can be had, even for a brief moment.

With monogamy

There will always be WAR and VIOLENCE.

Monogamy makes men worship women and women try to hold the weight of the world on their shoulders. And they do, for a short period of time and then burn out. Her unheard and unspoken fears attract unwanted things and chaos.

Then through her darkened carnality gets him to listen to her. And he does, cause he worships her. Her emotional lack knows no limits. In its extremism she pushes so far until it’s too late because only regret and desolation could open hers eyes at this point. Unless! HE changes course and pulls her out through understanding her and internalizing blame and responsibility upon himself. He is the solution.

Brotherhood should ALWAYS come BEFORE WOMEN in this sense. That BROTHERHOOD should take the responsibility for women’s emotional stability, loyalty, and happiness upon their shoulders. Forever see women and children as innocents. Vulnerable and created in how they are treated. That if a women is blackened by emotional lack it is because of that lack and she has no choice. IT CONTROLS HER. He controls THE IT. Correct emotional nourishment of the woman means correctional emotional nourishment for children. And in our children the future.



They want

Men want female worship

Woman want emotional freedom

If that’s confusing then here:

Femininity wants emotional freedom

Masculinity wants feminine worship

Masculine woman think they NEED worship and when they get there and try to feel it, it’s still a gaping hole of death inside. They are more emotionally unstable then they ever were. Drown it out with drugs, alcohol, medication, excessive lovers, many feminine men, food, new new new etc or extremely burdened, confused and lonely women go to dark dark places or Insanity.

Feminine men want emotional freedom. And when they get there it’s the exact same thing as masculine woman. Unstable. Drugs, alcohol, medication, food, new new new and……

A person is in the correct path to finding themselves when they aren’t scrambling around trying to force their body to feel things, always scrambling around trying prove their worth or superiority over others.


3 to 1

People are naturally scared of men having more than 1 woman. Especially people who have much emotional lack, pain and burden and suffering in their life. Their fear and pain takes to a whole physical level. An actually physical limitation.

And I completely understand. which is how we discovered the natural, functional and emotionally correct way of this lifestyle. 3 Girls in Love.

Every person who has lived MORE THAN 1 woman lifestyle HAS OR IS

DOING IT WRONG. (Sign: women are miserable, b$&chy, overweight angry, jealou, extremely unstable; a women’s silence or unhappiness ISN’T CORRECT OR NORMAL)

EVERY MAN Has lived it in ignorance or at the expense of the women’s happiness, health, femininity and beauty. The women fight with each other, jealous etc.

Their happiness, physical/emotional health and femininity is KEY! They must be IN LOVE, equal and sexually intimate with each other. When done correctly they will be in love, caring, sharing, giving, patient AGAIN IN LOVE and sexually free. Naturally, willingly and pleasurably.

But in order for that to happen THE MAN….

MUST BE, Just, honorable, honest, loyal, integral, hardworking trustworthy, wealthy, understanding. He must understand emotional logic, feminine psychology, feminine emotional needs. He MUST be Non emotional, and never blames women. Women CANNOT BY CHOICE CONTROL THEIR FEELINGS. Environment and how the man treats her gives her ACCESS TO THE ABILITY TO CHANNEL THEM CORRECTLY. When men start to accept this, EVERYTHING FALLS IN TO PLACE

In our system men have to prove that they are worthy and responsible to have these women. He must deserve them. He must work for it.

It does not work without lacking all these things. A broken woman will and always be a mans fault at some point. Even if he doesn’t want to accept that. That’s fact. And can be proven. A man who blames women, judges women according to male/reason logic is not a man. That means he is feminine, emotional, ignorant and governed by emotional logic. Again, not a man and not worthy of three.

Women may be the problem but men ARE the cause. Be it father, brother, husband or ex lover. At some point it was a mans fault and it showered down into the generations. At some point a man blamed her.

A man will always get the same kind of women. The type of women he gets is completely dependent on his personal growth. Every woman he is with is utterly controlled by his understanding of them. He will either make her emotionally stable or un-stable. Men who force and control women negatively completely ruin it for everyone else. Women end up NOT WANTING to give control, trust or power over to men because men don’t understand women and why they act the way they do. Why they go crazy or malfunction. Men don’t UNDERSTAND how to create a win win lifestyle. And because they don’t understand they give up on us. Move on. Or blame. Cause it’s the easiest way. Not much effort there.

A woman who can trust a man with her emotions gives freedom.

Feminine men would say it’s the same the other way around, but we are NOT rational creatures and WE NEED FEMININE LOVE to even considered the possibility of being slightly rational at all! STRENGTH in our numbers and understanding from our own kind TOO. Surrounded by love and understanding. Hence 3.

Harsh but true.



Men are governed by REASON LOGIC

And women are governed by EMOTIONAL LOGIC

They are not the same.

What makes sense to a mans mind, does not makes sense to a woman’s heart.

What makes sense to a woman’s heart, does not make sense to a mans mind.

All children are governed by emotional logic, until boys reach puberty and are capable of switching to reason logic if taught how. If not, they remain governed by emotional logic.


True to yourself

Being true to who you are.

Yes, being true to who you are in the world’s mind means gratifying feelings, ideas, and beliefs.

That is being true to who you are.

But, being true to who you are means that you are happy.

If you are emotionally unstable, that is the opposite of happiness. It means you are NOT being true to who you are.

If you have to force your body to feel “normal/happy/relaxed/at peace” and stable through outside narcotics/drugs, medications, alcohol, addictions you are not fulfilling your emotional requirements of what it means to be you.

If you have to feel happy through indulgence in any negative behavior verbal or physical to appease the obsessive hunger, that your lack of fulfilled feelings are starving for, it means you are not being true to who you are.

Yes, you are appeasing your feelings and being true to them. At the expense of your own health or someone elses. Physically, emotionally or mentally.

True identity is when everyone around you benefits emotionally, physically AND mentally by your presence. They are able to be who they are around you, free of criticism. You are able to believe what you believe and they are able to do the same. You are able to receive there beliefs with curiosity and not defensively.

True identity keeps the things around them intact and happy. If the bodies and feelings of those around you deteriorate by being true to who you are; you are NOT being true.

True identity is NOT at the expense of others.

Just to make myself clear for good.

Stealing, self harm, killing, enslaving, fighting, judgement, controlling what people say and do, hate, looking at people’s flaws, jealousy, ignoring people, impatience, not listening to people’s request of things they need, wanting other people’s stuff.

these are real feelings, but they are not true identity feelings.

so we’ve established that

true identity does not come from material things (material things are important but not IT), negative behavior, at the expense of others does not come from liquids, herbs, medications and drugs. Some of these things give you a temporary glimpse of true identity and the feelings that accompany true identity. Those are what people are looking for.

True identity is accompanied by content, clarity, speed, compassion, understanding, loyalty, giving, but also logic, reason, aware of what the heart says and the mind and if they conflict. Self awareness. True identity understands why it feels the way it feels, what causes certain feelings and where to create or find them healthfully. And above all it does not feel lonely or left out. It feels like it belongs, equal, it is real. True identity is purpose, Reason, value to exist and protect existence.

Where to find true identity

True identity comes through fulfilling emotional needs that you get from femininity and masculinity. Femininity and masculinity are a set of behavior, lifestyle and philosophies. And when these philosophies reside in the correct gender and the genders are in correct quantity. 1) masculine male, 3) feminine females. All in love and intimate with each other. The ultimate feelings that we are deeply engrained TO FEEL exist there. WE ALL KNOW we should feel them. But we don’t. But we can, in THIS EXISTENCE, present day and modern life. Intimacy, compassion, understanding, arts, exploration, freedom and fun! and above all loyalty to each other. Loyalty to your choice of family is the only way without addictions, drugs, medication, violence, war, hate, and cleanses of envy, inequality and jealousy when done properly. If this is the outcome you want in your life then this is the ONLY way without all the negatives I mentioned above.

Emotional fulfillment, physical freedom, freedom of speech is possible in this family lifestyle when all are correctly educated about the philosophies, identity, behaviors and lifestyle of masculinity and femininity. Education and freedom of choice is crucial. Understanding is crucial.

1 True identity understands negativity and where it comes from. Negativity also= darkness. And true identity sees the darkness and is able to shed light on it; Without being consumed by it.