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I have one wish and that is for men to stop blaming, punishing and torturing women. Through their secret thoughts (that we women secretly feel), but also through their physical actions. To educate men’s ignorance on why women go crazy, act out, retreat inside, malfunction or look and feel broken. To stop shrugging their shoulders as a victim or innocent bystander. To stop men from taking their frustrations out on the world through acts of terrorism and “purification”. It’s time for everyone to “UNDERSTAND WOMEN”.

To make this become a reality GO and BUY or 1st re-revised book or donate on our website www.menofhighvalue.com. Help support a good cause with meaningful and innocent intentions. To further research and to take what we do know to research laboratories for physical proof. To show how the emotional world of women effect the physical world we know to today. And How longterm emotional disease’s become physical disease’s.

This book is just the beginning.




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Have you…

Have you ever kept a record of what foods do to your body? Have you ate the same meals over and over again, isolating certain foods, took them away then adding them again. When I eat the Dr fuhrman way, (predominantly plant based and vegan with exceptions) I NEVER EXPERIENCED THESE THINGS as I did growing up and throughout my years. Finally figured out why my body was so distressed as a kid.

I myself want to live a vegan lifestyle. Working my way to making sure that I live it with precision and calculated so I get all the nutrition I need. I Also need time and money. My body appreciates when I eat every three hours, making sure I feel satiated in quantity and nutrition. That is what takes money and time. I want to sit and eat peacefully.

1. I don’t drink alcohol. My own personal standards and choice. Doesn’t mean I haven’t in the past out of personal curiosity, research and just leg go forget the crap that happened to me. But, I dislike what it does to my skin, tummy, head and behavior VERY MUCH. Especially dislike what happens to my feelings after dissipation. Black hole in my heart.

2. Don’t drink coffee or black tea because of effects on my body, skin and behavior.

5 years of Research; my results have produced that:

Hunger starts in the mind. First signs of hunger;

Impatience, agitation, then aggression. MAGNIFIES under EMOTIONAL LACK, stress and burden

In some; withdrawal, silence, then an explosion.

THE MIND needs nourishment every 3 hours; light meals/snacks

THE BODY needs filling every 6 hours; big and filling meals.

Hunger Causes Un-healthy cravings, addictions and Irrational behavior



TANTRUMS also in adults. Where the parent has no clue how to fix the child. Nothing is working.

WHAT MAKES IT WORSE: Blaming and being angry at the child or person makes things WORSE.

SOLUTION TO HUNGER HOSTAGE: For children and adults. Persistent Hugs and cuddles without blaming. Brings the children and adults calmly down so that they can eat. ( this gets the person out of their head and back to feeling hungry enough to satiate their needs)

PREVENTION OF HUNGER HOSTAGE: Stay on schedule with mind and body nourishment. The body says it needs something every 3 hours.


RAPID WEIGHT GAIN, sickness, Never feel satisfied, ALWAYS HUNGRIER, makes me eat and eat and eat, feel like my insides are being coated and suffocating, Sore throats, Phlegm, coughing, difficulty singing, Constant mucus drainage and needing to swallow, tonsil stones, zits, acid indigestion, reflux, tummy problems, intense and smelly gas, feminine problems, smelly breath, teeth need faster maintenance, MUCOID PLAQUE, makes me feel fearful of my health,

Investigation of others: (dairy makes friend lose voice, another case of girl at the shop lost her voice for 4 months)



Dead looking skin, Stinky armpits and stinky sweat, sickness (barf and fever) red spots on face and body AND redness in face, achy body (from red meats), bad breath, beef caused feminine problems, teeth need more maintenance, makes me feel somewhat fearful of my health, takes energy away from me.

Tried halal meat and body responded very positively! Trying to get rid of but at the moment I have it on occasion when I haven’t been able to fill my protein quota.


Sickness, barfing, fever, Excessive hunger, fatigue, tiredness, Forgetfulnesss, Blurry vision, Ages skin, HEADACHES, agitation, feel unstable, Itchy body, Sensitive teeth, teeth need faster maintenance, MUCOID PLAQUE, MOODINESS (extreme moodiness during pms WITH sugar vs. WITHOUT sugar) Makes me feel VERY fearful of my health, KIDS BE CRAZY!


GIVES ME “bread head/ dead head”, forgetfulness, blurry vision, CANNOT CONCENTRATE, VERY slowed thinking, Lazy, unmotivated. RAPID WEIGHT GAIN, HUGE TONSILS STONES, bloated tummy (look pregnant) acid indigestion and reflux. MOODINESS, MUCOID PLAQUE feminine problems. AGES MY SKIN (look old). Surviving on breaded products = runny and stuffy nose. Lastly it messes with a certain part of my brain, right behind my frontal lobe and inbetween the two hemispheres (where children have soft spots when they are born) Kids become ACCIDENT PRONE and loopy headed! What the heck!

POTATOES: Do pretty much the EXACT same thing as bread. Mostly! Loopy headed blurry vision, and ITCHINESS. Whit and red potatoes. Sweet potatoes are in the clear in right quantities.

Tooo much MAPLE SYRUP: feminine problems

Caffeine: (even green tea) Headaches, zits

YEAST(non-nutritional) : LOTS of feminine problems

EGGS: feel nauseous and no energy, eggs on occasion is okay

MAYONNAISE: Acid indigestion (don’t get the other symptoms of eggs even though made from eggs), feminine problems


INTENSE SICKNESS, INTENSE Itching/itchy spots like I want to dig into my skin, (son scratching himself until he bled) coughing, headaches, mood and energy issues quite quickly after eating,

HONEY: RAPID WEIGHT GAIN, huge and painful never ending zits,


Irritated intestines!


Olive oil: Too much gives gas

CARBONATION: Indigestion, reflux



Men are the trees, women and children are birds on the wind. Men create the air current, women and children float on the breeze he provides .

Turbulent man creates turbulent winds. He destroys and in his path he leaves behind his demons and crazy in her and her desperation of love and sanity; Anywhere it can be had, even for a brief moment.

With monogamy

There will always be WAR and VIOLENCE.

Monogamy makes men worship women and women try to hold the weight of the world on their shoulders. And they do, for a short period of time and then burn out. Her unheard and unspoken fears attract unwanted things and chaos.

Then through her darkened carnality gets him to listen to her. And he does, cause he worships her. Her emotional lack knows no limits. In its extremism she pushes so far until it’s too late because only regret and desolation could open hers eyes at this point. Unless! HE changes course and pulls her out through understanding her and internalizing blame and responsibility upon himself. He is the solution.

Brotherhood should ALWAYS come BEFORE WOMEN in this sense. That BROTHERHOOD should take the responsibility for women’s emotional stability, loyalty, and happiness upon their shoulders. Forever see women and children as innocents. Vulnerable and created in how they are treated. That if a women is blackened by emotional lack it is because of that lack and she has no choice. IT CONTROLS HER. He controls THE IT. Correct emotional nourishment of the woman means correctional emotional nourishment for children. And in our children the future.



They want

Men want female worship

Woman want emotional freedom

If that’s confusing then here:

Femininity wants emotional freedom

Masculinity wants feminine worship

Masculine woman think they NEED worship and when they get there and try to feel it, it’s still a gaping hole of death inside. They are more emotionally unstable then they ever were. Drown it out with drugs, alcohol, medication, excessive lovers, many feminine men, food, new new new etc or extremely burdened, confused and lonely women go to dark dark places or Insanity.

Feminine men want emotional freedom. And when they get there it’s the exact same thing as masculine woman. Unstable. Drugs, alcohol, medication, food, new new new and……

A person is in the correct path to finding themselves when they aren’t scrambling around trying to force their body to feel things, always scrambling around trying prove their worth or superiority over others.