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The Golden Rule

Our sex life is definitely improving. We are so close to our ideal.

There’s potential energy between my legs. A hum, ready to become a roar.

The one thing that is most important to me, is pleasure. And the one thing that can give me the MOST pleasure Is sex. It appeases all the five senses. With the gift of Youth.

I’ve always known the potential of sexual pleasure. This thought in me, that I CAN FEEL SO MUCH MORE!!!!

The Golden rule for men, to please and retain his woman, is ejaculation control. The one thing she can hold on to, that is worth hanging on to, with that man and life itself. Worshipping the penis that gives her, orgasm after orgasm. IGNITING her body on fire. A shock wave, that opens her mouth, her eyes, wide. Throwing her head to the heavens as her soul is penetrated by……once unattainable pleasure.


Why, would I want to share a penis that is going to make other women suffer?!

Something that takes, instead of giving. That sucks my life’s essence, draining me of my childlike excitement and youth. Killing me slowly like a reverse I.V. drip, drop by drop.

The golden rule for entrance into polygyny is Ejaculation Control.

When his penis can last BEYOND my pleasure. I, will have the pleasure of picking two other women to share all of this. So, that they, can have peace, pleasure and security. I’m so excited!

Education, Problems of Monogamy, Suppression, The woman

After 29 years, you’d think I’d learn

My husband was listening to a self development CD. And the woman on the, CD said she was having struggles with her recent husband. She said, “I’ve been in this self development and leadership business for 29 years. You’d think I’d learn and get down the people skills”

Such things as, agreeing despite being disagreed with, patience, understanding. Turn the other cheek.

She blamed it on forgetfulness, and that this is something that you have to work with forever.


How emotionally exhausting and false!

Femininity is based around emotion. Therefore when that person feels good they treat people good.

Men can change. Woman can only treat others the way they are feeling.

When all a woman’s emotional needs are met, IS WHEN, she behaves the way she and others want her to. When women are happy and function at optimal. The world will also. Because as mothers, the boys will learn from their emotional stability and happiness.

The 3 categories of Emotional burdens,

1. Rejection
2. Guilt
3. Limited resources

Men are to create and protect the environment that is free from these and place her in it. So, that she CAN apply what she knows.

Takes money to do that. It takes an indifferent man to do that. Women will never be able to ignore how they feel for an extended period of time.

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Problems of Monogamy, Suppression

What suppression/emotional burden, does to women.

The end of this is happy, but Flat out….? It kills us. Plain and simple. We feel dead. We slap on a happy face, and make everybody think we are happy. But, inside…. Why don’t we speak? Mainly to avoid rejection or guilt. The two biggest killers. Or, They won’t listen or understand. And lastly, ‘Cause we don’t want to burden those around us.

If a woman is difficult it’s because she is keeping “secrets” I.E Suppression from being treated wrongly or issues from her past. Or not enough femininity. Which makes her feel accepted or not the only one. We open when a man is willing to take her burden by listening, separate her from the garbage and throw the garbage away without glancing at it. What was, will never be.

Women’s emotions are in terms of forever. When she is suppressed. it feels like hell. She feels like she is going to hell. When actually she is living it. She doesn’t want to feel like that forever. It’s easier to let go. Easier to run away. Then to fight, Or hold on to the emotional weight.

Song lyrics, that show what women feel

How can you see into my eyes
Like open doors?
Leading you down into my core,
Where I’ve become so numb.

Without a soul,
My spirit’s sleeping somewhere cold,
Until you find it there and lead it back

(Wake me up)
Wake me up inside.
(I can’t wake up)
Wake me up inside.
(Save me)
Call my name and save me from the dark.
(Wake me up)
Bid my blood to run.
(I can’t wake up)
Before I come undone.
(Save me)
Save me from the nothing I’ve become.

Now that I know what I’m without,
You can’t just leave me.
Breathe into me and make me real.
Bring me to life.

(Wake me up)
Wake me up inside.
(I can’t wake up)
Wake me up inside.
(Save me)
Call my name and save me from the dark.
(Wake me up)
Bid my blood to run.
(I can’t wake up)
Before I come undone.
(Save me)
Save me from the nothing I’ve become.

Bring me to life.

By Evanescence

The solution is vent. About everything. Talk it out to a man who cares and won’t judge. A man who will take the long road with you.

If you don’t want to think about it. Or you don’t want the emotion attached to a thought you don’t want. Speak it out. Get rid of it. Don’t keep it in.



Why girls learn faster than boys

Women’s emotions are more intense than men’s. So, their emotions have more of a driving force or hold over women. Since all human’s are driven by pain and pleasure. Women don’t need as much pain to “get it.” Men have to go through more pain to “get it”.

However, when men “get it” they “get it” and apply what they learn forever.

Women on the other hand are still emotional creatures. They learn, but that doesn’t necessarily mean; that she is able to do what she has learned. Her emotional level determines whether she does or doesn’t do something. In essence – She learns – if she does not DO, it is because she’s not ALLOWED by her emotions. Her emotions are controlled by environment and how she is treated. Un-able to ignore how she feels.

Men who act feminine (emotional) are based on; When someone does this, I act like this. Merely taught by visual. And the most feminine men were raised by extremely emotionally burdened women. However, It can be overridden by ignoring and channeling. Men can be taught to override thoughts and emotions. Men adapt.

Women on the other hand when I feel like this, I act like this. If she suppresses, causing emotional burden; She will have periodic or many blow ups. If it’s too much suppression, fight or flight kicks in.

Problems of Monogamy, Sexuality, Waiting for polygyny


I was emotionally dying this week. Which pushed our weekend to be exciting. I NEED WOMAN. Thats pronounced WOAHMAN.

My husband just isn’t able to give me the feminine satisfaction. It’s not even a question or a doubt for us, that polygyny and female action is correct. WE KNOW. Give me woman and my husband becomes gold.

So, desperately been trying to satiate my missing woman void. Because right now I have NO WOMEN in my life. I’ve had to FIRE everyone, because they won’t accept our way of living etc. and or it’s too burdensome to have them in our life. Or they threaten our security. Mind you, most of the people we knew are religious. Pffffft good luck with NOT being judged or being understood.

So, I just wanted someone I could hold hands, kiss have fun and cuddle. That I could have no strings attached, doesn’t know our social circle, blah blah blah.

So, we started looking into escorts for just me. ;-D

It was actually a very good short term fantasy for me. I just played with it in my mind. And I felt this burning desire of motivation, that I really haven’t felt for a LONG time. The energy to improve myself for someone else. I could see myself having the excitement to be sexy etc. Not a struggle as it usually is, but a good obsession.

There were a lot of beautiful women. It was so odd what happened to me. Just by looking at pictures and fantasizing. I became more beautiful to myself. I felt beautiful and I appreciated myself, when I looked in the mirror. I LOOKED and FELT feminine, soft and subdued.

I was also, horny in a snap of a finger. I went to the toilet and, huh? Felt myself and I was big and squishy on the upper side, just in the entrance. My husband and I had sex and I could feel pleasure in an instance without having to wait for time. I HATE WAITING FOR PLEASURE!!!

The thing is we sat and chewed on the idea. But it just wasn’t right. Aaaaaagain. Expensive, my emotions and my husband wants me to be a girl virgin when we get married. I know it’s the right thing to do, to wait. But, I HATE WAITING WHILE IM SUFFERING.

So, our compromise was, we can go to a lesbian restaurant. I need more fun. Fun is femininity. Femininity: is, Play while we work. Masculine: work first play later. I CAN’T LIVE LIKE THAT ANYMORE, until my husband gets us into more money.

Polygyny, is just so good ’cause the women have each other and the man can just work on his passions and projects. Be rich and it’s okay! Without me holding him back!!!!!!!! Guilt is never good for women. IT’S THE WORST.

I’m glad my husband understands this. and has made a win win. Instead of abandoning me alone, with the kids driving me crazy. No breaks, no women, no fun, just work. Day after day after day.

We were trying to do this before. Doesn’t work with kids and no women. No wonder why people become successful at their 40’s and 50’s.

Problems of Monogamy, Religion, Waiting for polygyny

Standing at the pearly gates

Part 1

Ever since I left the church, heaven has been redefined, MANY times for me.

1. I thought it had something to do with god sitting on his throne, all day and I serve him. ( Uh, yeah. Silly. God doesn’t sit on his ass all day doing nothing. He too, uses it or loses it.) I vainly thought, that he would call upon me on this earth, cause I was his beautiful woman, who he wouldn’t dare let me suffer more. HA!

2. I thought, that I needed to get married, to get INTO heaven. To access god (my pleasure/ happiness), I needed a man to take me there. God would call upon me and i would run. HA! Yes, use my husband to get to god? Uh…

3. Then I realized, that i was looking at the real thing. It was my husband, that was designated to be my god. What I really wanted was, The God i could hear, see, feel, smell, and taste.

4. Then heaven to me, now, I believe once and for all…..resolved…..is explosively, orgasmic, sexual pleasure with The God.

So, the journey has been to figure out what was needed for my highest state of sexual pleasure that lasted FOREVER/LONGTERM. And within the realms of protection, security, safety and order.

It has been a tough, up and down roller coaster. Still is. Because we know the solutions, but not able to implement them 100% Why? Because its illegal. Because in all the temporary solution searching we have done: protection, security, safety, and order is violated. Because that is was temporary solutions DO!

The only one that can keep me stable is my husband. And most of all because of his new emotional stability. His REAL, not blaming, indifferent, masculinity; brought the stabilizing effect i needed for pleasure.

Now, it’s comes to the point of where do I get the emotion from, where do I turn to for the biggest missing piece. That I so desperately need. Without my husband allowing me to force the men and boys in my life into that which I need so desperately, women. I can’t be saved without the women either.

We now certainly know, that a man who is emotional, is a sign of weakness and lack of self discipline. A lazy man with no goals or ambitions. Tossed on the flow of the world around him. He hasn’t set himself apart. He hasn’t Chosen his own path of happiness, that women are not able to do themselves. We see this particularly in religious men. Not setting themselves apart from the worshipper (provided for), to being the worshipped (provider). Following in the footsteps of longterm truth and cause/effect. Blind to reality because “the bible says.” Yes, it says a lot, but, it is a journal. To learn from and work upon. A starting point, of testing theories!! NOT SET IN STONE 100% accurate.

All Because of ignorance, mind you. An emotional man cannot protect. No, he needs to be protected, like a woman. He needs to be provided for, like a woman. “It’s not fair they say.” GO OUT AND EARN IT! A woman can’t go through the shit men do and remain beautiful and sexual!

Earn it! Without! violence or force!! You can’t force a flower open and expect it to be beautiful. Or expect it to stay like that. You can’t expect a flower to be beaten by by weather and remain beautiful. It’s emotional needs need to be met FIRST! Protection and provision; through Light, oxygen, etc. You force the flower, beat down on the flower; you kill it or permanently damage it. Ugly, wounded and sour.

Part 2:

We were having sex the other day. And I started to break down and cry and got really frustrated. because, I, after being horny and actually had built myself up to orgasmic playing field, WHILE being on top. ( which is FANTASTIC for my husbands “unburdening me” progression curve) Was not really allowed, by my circumstances to get my orgasm. 1. I lost it it by, being goal oriented. 2. Husband practicing to maintain, while, I’m horny and on verge of orgasming. 3. Interrupted by kids.

I was being denied access to heaven!!! Denied pleasure!

Being goal oriented, doesn’t work in monogamy. It’s okay to be goal oriented towards the OTHER woman’s pleasure. But, not her own.

There’s not much pleasure I get these days. Work and no play, cause my husband is finally and gloriously, getting our asses out of “getting by” and into enjoying and creating life.

The Ignorant church we came from said, ” get MARRIED before you have money” have KIDS before you have money.” You’ll be happy they said. I don’t regret. But, it’s bullshit for future generations. But, the one advice, for the men that care about the things worth caring about; get the money thing down, before all that.

Get rid of unnecessary government, get rid of taxes, legalize polygyny.

Polygyny, The woman

A Woman’s self esteem.

You know, I never really thought about where my self esteem came from. Who, I needed to feel predominant acceptance by. Until, I got married.

80% of Women’s self esteem is derived from other women. 20% from men.

A family friend came over. And she was talking about her co-habitant LTR boyfriend. When he compliments her, she doesn’t believe him. She says, it has nothing to do with him. She’s right, It REALLY, doesn’t. But, she didn’t know where, what or why. I told her what I had learned. She was quite shocked about it. That she just felt things and reacted to her environment. Without consciously bringing it forward from out of her mind and putting it in front her eyes. It was just all emotion.

In regards to me, looking back, I see this very much present. My dad always told me I was beautiful, strong etc. I still felt like crap, with no mom and being neglected. But, I was reasonably happy. Then my step mother came and I constantly, without break, felt like crap. She pulled me down and belittled me, all the time. ESPECIALLY during and after puberty. She told me my, boobs weren’t as big as I think they are. Jealous that at my age, I had same size she did. Etc, etc. Women know that when they attack other women, it cuts.

And our emotional needs are not being met, and men are not intervening with win win situations and order. Being subject to other peoples approval.

We should actually be getting it from the 3 mothers and the father. Eventually, two other wives and husband. Without this, women are quite evil to each other. And it’s not going to change with all there “intervention” methods. It’s gotten worse. Public schools are bad for girls. Forcing them to reject others before being rejected. Being subject to trying to please everyone. When what matters most is pleasing the ones who ACTUALLY LOVE THEM.

Looking back, the only people I wanted to go back and, “I’ll show them” or impress, were predominately women.

In the beginning of our marriage, when my husband complimented me. It wasn’t like a deep seated, impacting and grounding feeling. It didn’t…… secure and lift. So, we found out, that less compliments from him, actually made them more meaningful and believable to me. It’s just 20% of what I need.

But, the difference maker, I believe, is being sexual with women, In marriage, that avoids the mess of femininity. That in 3 wife polygyny, the women belong to each other, just as much as they belong to the man. Sexually, everyone is equal.

That, really made me feel ownership, completed and grounded. That I am as much theirs, as they are mine. My husband is mine, my two wives are mine. That i care for their, pleasure as much as my own. We own each other, we belong to each other.