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“A woman’s love is directly linked to her sexuality.” This is one of other corrections I made to this post.

My husband and I were on a walk. Two women walked past us. One said to the other, “I think there is something wrong with me.” Just proves the truth of our philosophy, again. I just wanted to hug her. And tell her there isn’t. But, I would have been rejected because “I don’t know her” and made her indignate for “intrusion”. So, this post and the next is for her.

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There is more information in our second up coming book that will be presented on another website.

In the first blog of this website I talked about feminine and masculine. I’m going to try my best to explain now, the woman. I’ll explain our designed behavior and what happens when we are burdened. You will possibly have a hard time believing. I would have too, prior to and in the first years of my marriage. Everything we tried,failed, especially force, and what we now know as feminine tactics to instill patriarchy. All prior, actively used, philosophies left so many questions.
Except for this new philosophy.

Every time we study a couple the predicted outcomes of cause and effect are confirmed over and over again. This philosophy will ultimately work in polygyny. If the man overcomes his feminine characteristics, beliefs etc.

For it to work, indifference plays a key role…

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Massage results

Well, I’m quite sold. My husband completely and utterly sold. He loves the boobies. And I’m quite impressed with the massage. Less plateau on top. Some lift. Looking forward to when the nipple is actually in the middle of the boob.
Haha. Kind of makes you ask, “where is your nipple now ?” “Hanging to the left or the right…. or?”

(looks right and left) Scoffs. “Pffftt, noooooo”.

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Post religious rantings..

I was once mainstream religious. Don’t really believe in religion anymore. Doesn’t mean I’m athiest. But, in a sense, he is somewhere else. He isn’t here. He has his own goals and his own life. And DOES NOT revolve around me or anyone else.

Who is going to take responsibility? It’s mens job.

Common belief. Feminine belief by the way. “Ohhh GOD will take care of it.” Uhhhhhh? No he won’t. He brought us here to learn ownership. To own, be owned and create. Not by government or people outside of marriage. To make this world heaven. Heaven is where your heart is.

MY God is NOT Jesus, God, etc. MY God is my husband. That is what god made him for. To be, A GOD to me. MINE AND TANGIBLE.

What is my image of a god? Not one of voodoo, sorcery or mystical powers. A god who is bound by the laws of cause > effect and FACTS. God = Truth. Higher intelligence, who knows the in’s and out’s of the laws of the universe. That can be learned by anyone who wants to learn and live by natural cause > effect and order.

I’m going to be a bit catty. If you are a woman YOU WILL HAVE INDIGNATION. This is a small venting post FOR ME.

Anyway, I once belonged to The church of “my cup is full and I need no more”.  Positive points first, then a kick in the butt. They are good people. Trying to do their best. But, unfortunately “they have it all.” They know better. They blame the outside world for being ignorant. Yet, we were the most ignorant. Money was BAAAD, sex…BAAAAAAAAD. uhhhhh the two most powerful motivations for life BAAAAAAAD!

BUT, children GOOOOOOOOD. UHHHHH!!!!!!! YOU NEED MONEY FOR THAT!!!!!!. And it’s no fun JUST TO SURVIVE. Which they call “sufficient for our needs.” BS and rip my hair out.  Surviving is  NOT LIVING OR GROWING. You NEED EXCESS money TO GROW. Religion these days is complete opposite to truth, in terms of growth and masculinity. Actually its feminine, meaning, “DON’T CHANGE, STAY AS YOU ARE.”


Religion for women almost makes her husband her affair. Cause she belongs to god. “Ahhhh!” Yep, He’s a temporary by-product, UNTIL she gets to god. Hoping, to be one of his wives.

Religion also, stamps out or destroys women’s sexuality. Guess what the two biggest categories of replacements for them are? Food and over the counter drugs. Third alcohol. ALL of them seem to figure out, “something is WRONG with me.” Yeah, sex SUCKS and your husband is a woman.

Oral bad, positions bad missionary GOOOOOOOOOOD.


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Replacement Society

All the worlds problems stem from the lack of sexual gratification.

If there was sexual gratification men would fight for freedom. There would be no battle between the sexes. Morality warfare blah blah blah.

Lets face it. It’s all about sex.

Every addiction; temporarily gives the side effects of earth shattering orgasmic sex. Or, some sort of monetary pleasure for the lack of it.

Binge eating

Romantic and sensual movies
Stranger sex

Drugs (illegal/over the counter)

I’ve tried all of these. Yes they work, temporarily. But, then you need more and more, but it never makes you FEEL more. No enjoyment from impending interaction. There is no enjoyment of escalation. They all stop at a certain emotional level. Its a need that you NEED now or its going to be BAD if you don’t get your fix NOW. And the more you take, the more it kills or desensitizes you. AND AFTER; your dead just a little more, bitter just a little more, ANGRY just a little more, VIOLENT just a little more. Until you just want to DESTROY! Because you can’t have what you want, THAT LASTS at a conscious level. That you can day dream about. Cherish. FANTASIZE. Arouse. Patiently and happily wait for, ’cause you know it’s coming.

The short-term fix, Like a car crash, wham bam, done. You can’t be productive and lead a normal orderly life. NEVER free from confusion. The circles, the lacking luster and deteriorating obsession, the guilt, the Goddamn insanity!

I hate this, because women are DAMNED IF THEY DO AND DAMNED IF THEY DON’T. And the one thing I know that will give me long term gratification and security, is fucking illegal! Excuse my use of superlatives, but they best describe my emotions.

I just want to be horny again and belong to my husband. The pelvic thrusting lust and carnality. The crazy and wild that is okay to be. The excitement, laughter and pleasure. The rightful dependency on a person AND NOT AN OBJECT. You preserve life cause you NEED PEOPLE. Not kill it, because you NEED AN OBJECT.



Third day Results

O believe in the boob massage. So, boob massage after 3 days. My husband says my boobs look more perky already. I have to admit they do look more youthful. I’m still a bit skeptical though. It’s not a big enough difference. I am breast feeding so when they have milk they are quite perky. It is exciting though. Don’t get to carried away or too excited. It’s just 3 days. However, it is 3 days and potential for a small result is really nice. For the effort.

By the way I just use baby oil while rubbing.

Health and vitality, Polygyny, The woman

The white tigress..

So, now able to focus on my body. Getting up earlier. 5:20 AM! Get cardio and strength in. Now we have added the final touch of boob restoration!!!! The white tigeress society, teaches massage rotations of the boob. To explain this, is basically, rub your boobs  in a circular motion that meet to make cleavage at 1 point in each rotation. What feels natural… do that. 360 times once a day. Simplicity way.

They say, 1 to 2 times a day. Others say, 2 to 3 times a week.

* I do not believe in all their philosophies at the The White Tigress society . In terms of quantity. For example on how to retain youth by sucking the life essence of a man. A woman needs a man, to kill him faster would be to make him ejaculate. Which is what she needs to stay young, his semen. Through my experience with multiple partners. A man who ejaculates too much, IS USELESS. He is good for nothing. Counter productive to attaining wealth in any category of life. It pisses me off quite frankly. A man who indulges too much in ejaculation is nothing but a woman. A masculine man uses sexual transmutation I.e delayed gratification to accomplish goals. To provide and protect. To better the world. Then rewards himself with the carnalities of his women in polygyny. Semen is a reward and is not high value in excess.
I also believe in one longterm male partner for life. Not able to achieve the highest level of lust, excitement, happiness etc. in monogamy,  but will be in our future lifestyle.

In my experience and brief encounters: where a woman gains predominant youth is through the excitement of female wife sexuality, sexualhealing and cultivation with the man, bearing and raising children, abundance in wealth and resources, raw diet (predominately vegan/vegetarian), exercise.

I believe that you can have a longterm relationship that’s hot, WITH kids, in Amazing 3 wife polygyny. YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL! And that is where the fountain of youth resides.