Waiting for polygyny

When I need her.

When I need a woman the most, I can’t have her. I need her right now, but I’m Trapped. Can’t be intimate with other men’s women. Can’t be intimate with single women, because we don’t get women emotionally involved, if we are not going to fulfill all their needs securely longterm and legally. Mine and hers.

At THIS moment, right now, I’m sad. I’m alone. And no woman to turn to in my social network who will accept me. Not even my own mother. My husband needs to work and i can’t sit there and cry on his shoulder. So, i have to cry it out by myself because the longterm solution of wealth and options is more important than my comfort right now. So, my blog is my feminine compensation. The only place I can really be lucid without rejection reaching me. It’s unfortunate, that my children have to see me like this. But, they are too young to remember later and by then, hopefully, we’ll be married to the two others.

I’m a mess. Maybe, I should…..get a stuffed animal. A big soft one. Heh. Kids don’t sit still long enough to hold on to yet.


Human behavior

Real masculinity-Despite rejection is happy and positive

Real masculinity takes upon itself all blame and responsibility.

Real femininity – In correct environment, without rejection – Happy and all positive behavior.

“Burdened woman” behavior – Dictated by rejection.

Includes feminine men & masculine women. Specifically those dictated by emotion.

Common Denominator : Blame

Tactics to feel in control and on top – Force, Fear, Intimidation and tearing down


Recipe for wealth…for men

1. The right vision
2. Discipline in the right goals
3. Daily appliance of 1 &2

Women’s Emotional stability determines Man’s capacity for
# 3. Keep her away from burden’s and suppression.

The ultimate way is 3 wife polygyny-
when women take care of each other’s emotional and physical needs.

Man functions for


Women function for

Making their man’s dreams come true is when the women are equal and sexual with each other.

Suppression, The woman

The woman

In the first blog of this website I talked about feminine and masculine. I’m going to try my best to explain now, the woman. I’ll explain our designed behavior and what happens when we are burdened and suppressed.

Everything we tried, failed. Especially, what we now know as burdened woman tactics (force, fear and emotional blackmail) for the man to instill patriarchy. All prior, actively used, philosophies left so many conflicts, confusion and questions.

Except for this new philosophy.

This philosophy will ultimately work in 3 wife polygyny. If the man overcomes his feminine characteristics, beliefs etc.

For it to work, indifference from the man plays a key role. He must also play as mediator between the women. Lastly the environment must be conducive to womens nature and emotional needs. Men and women are designed to be extreme opposites. In role and belief systems. Yin and yang.

Women are completely and utterly governed by their environment just like children.

In short, burden/suppression = irrational, illogical & non-sexual women.
Un- burdened/Un-suppressed = rational, logical, & highly sexual women.

By nature:
Monogamy > scarcity > causes burden/suppression = irrational, illogical & non-sexual women.

Our design of 3 wife Polygyny > abundance > unburden/Un-suppressed= rational, logical and highly sexual women.

A woman will be naturally everything she wants to be and everything a man imagines a woman being, when she is in her natural environment and unburdened. Emotional needs met.

What does burden mean?
In terms of the woman;
1. Anything she has to force herself to do when she doesn’t naturally feel like doing it. 2. Emotionally involved with things she doesn’t want to be emotionally involved with. 3. Expected to act like a man and do a man’s job.

What burdens a woman?
•Not getting the 80% of feminine emotional needs
•Lack of resources

(Forms of these as listed)

▪Unable to attain long lasting sexual pleasure (type of rejection/guilt)
▪Un-natural discipline ( doing things when she doesn’t feel like it) (type of guilt, cause doesn’t know why she doesn’t want to)
▪More than one master ( god, work,) anything that asks her to be emotionally involved outside of family ( outside area of influence). ( Type of Rejection, guilt and lack of resources)

So, what keeps her loyal?

Common in monogamy: Limited options, social stigma, children and doesn’t want to go to hell. To avoid rejection, guilt. Preservation of life and soul.

Exceptions of monogamy-
•Ejaculation control and sexual gratification through inward flowing orgasms
• The man understands the woman. The cause and effect of her emotions.
• Abundant resources/ or the potential of
• Children

In polygyny
• Sexual gratification inward flowing orgasms without the repercussions of outward flowing short lived orgasms (clitoral)
• Abundant resources
• Acceptance/understanding
• TWO other women w/ intimate relations

Mans duty is to provide long term solutions to life problems so they don’t re-appear.

What happens to a burdened woman?

Because she cares and unable to be indifferent she is: Unable to be grateful or it fluctuates. She is bitter, angry, agressive, violent, Frigid, no libido, no sexual desire unable to be turned on naturally, relentless indignation, fights with everyone and everything and or reverts to medication and emotionally dies. Lifeless.

Women are like programs. Input, output. Wrong input, wrong out put. What you give is what you get back. Same as children she is a reflection of the leader and environment. If she behaves well he is doing something right. If she isn’t then.. Something happen to her or he did it.

Women are uncapable of being mind over matter. When there is a problem it needs to be fixed NOW. Especially if there has been silent accumulation. Otherwise she goes crazy. Sometimes she is unable to pinpoint the problem because of her wires. It also causes a lot of venting and thoughts that she wishes she didn’t have.

Her biggest wire is security. She needs to know that her emotional stability and pleasure are secure. A Woman’s capacity to love is DIRECTLY LINKED TO HER SEXUALITY. in and or out of the bedroom. Secure Emotional stability = her sexuality = love. No secure emotional stability = no sexuality = hate. Which is why a lot of women don’t put much effort in sex and can’t force herself because her pleasure isn’t secure. Because he ignores her emotions outside the bedroom or in the bedroom. The man will ejaculate prematurely before pleasure even begins or just as shes about to orgasm, he goes. And last, the instances where she is so turned on that he gets all excited that he becomes opposite to his role in the bedroom. He steals her limelight. His role is passive receiver and provider of longlasting sex, that is until her pleasure has taken over. At that time anything works, and he can do what he pretty much pleases. The bedroom is where a women will naturally in polygyny become softly aggressive.

“A woman will be naturally everything she wants to be and everything a man imagines a woman being when she is in her natural environment and un burdened.”

True Feminine, designed to:
◆Live in the now, take care of short term solutions
◆Care , nuture, domesticate, conceive children, preserve life
◆Have fun in all she does
◆Be Naturally consistent and submissive in her unburdened environment
◆Be indulgent
◆Be turned on and obsessively sexual in her unburdened environment
◆Have control over her environment
◆Loyal to truth and to speak it out. She is an instant feedback machine ( includes indignation)
◆Personalize everything/me too creatures


What does a woman need to be happy?

Women and men have two emotional sources. Feminine and masculine. She needs one, more than the other. So do men.

Women are highly absorpent creatures and react faster than men. They personalize everything and generally wants everything she sees that entices. Much like children in a toy store. So, it is important to be careful of what is in her environment.

Out of a whole day, Women need 80% femininity and 20% masculinity. Raising boys you would think this is a problem (it is in monogamy) but, we all start out as feminine. Until boys hit puberty. Separating themselves through discipline.

Mans duty, if he wants his women to be sexual, is to provide this feminine environment that he can come or go as he pleases and long term solutions to protect it. To also, protect her emotional stability through this environment, so unstable moments don’t re-appear. Also, to take her seriously when she is upset, cause she needs to be unburdened again. And only he can do it, in monogamy.

Feminine needs:
●FUN….in everything…. especially in her responsibilities. To feel like she wants to do them (she will in unburdened state). Unburdened through help, complete worship of husband and her being easily turned on (=self love).
●”Motherly” companionship; nuturing.(hugs, cuddles, holding hands etc.)
●Empathetic relation. How do I describe this, when I cry to myself because I hate being without other women, my daughter starts to cry. She doesn’t know what happened or why. But, she cries because she can feel my hurt and relates. Womans emotions are way more intense than mens. Men can logically look at a womans experience and relatively understand why she responds that way, but he will never emotionally understand the intensity and not having control over it. And she can feel that lack of connection. This is why women need each other as sisterwives. To also not feel crazy or the “only one.” A sense of equality and belonging.
●Maintence of beauty; someone to play with her hair , massage her body, etc. These are actual emotional needs to be pampered. It’s no fun to do it on herself.
● To be able look at herself and love what she sees
●Shopping (Consumer of goods to fulfill growth, talents, order, fun, happiness of children and their emotional needs, sexuality and beauty)
●When pregnant to ONLY be expected to be pregnant while growing a human. Rest, relaxation, sleep, help out when she can and wants
●Exploration & learning
●To worship and be worshipped


What does Alpha and Beta mean? Specifying the un-specified.


For new comers, first post of this blog

Originally posted on Her Innocence:


APLHA= Masculine

BETA= Feminine

Color coded: Masculine = Black, Feminine = White


I believe that things should be black and white.

Today’s society: Gender confusion has caused black and white to mix therefore creating grey matter.

If a person doesnt know what they are, they dont know what to do or how to act. Not knowing what to do or how to act, means no purpose. No purpose, no self esteem produces negative and unproductive people.

THIS COMPROMISES THE GROWTH OF SOCIETY. And the happiness found within one’s own true behaviour according to gender and it’s programmed function.

Living opposite to one’s own gender and it’s program, results in emotional instability and insanity (neurological disorders). There is no cure except reversal of behavior. You can fix the symptoms with meds temporarily but, that is a short term solution to a longterm problem.

For women, Living opposite to femininity also…

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Sexual nutrition. Ejaculation Control simplified

Sexual nutrition -

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach –

When you make love – and want to last a long time – You breath up the energy from your genitals towards the top of your head with your anal sphincter muscles – and then you send it back down again by ‘swallowing’ the energy back down to your stomach –

In that way, the energy compresses in the stomach and is stored there – it makes you able to last a long time in bed, because instead of shooting out your sperm, you are shooting the energy up to the top of your head – and gently back down again through swallowing – and you end up becoming full body orgasmic –

Why? Because the belly is where nutrition is stored – it is sent to all parts of your body through blood – and once the energy is going from the belly, through the blood to the rest of your body – you become alive and re-energized and powered up!

China’s most eminent medical physician, Sun Ssu Mo, famous for his discovery of germs/bacteria and his development of the inoculation for small pox, said:

‘If a man disciplines his vital forces and retains the life energy of the semen, it is like adding new oil to a lamp that is about to die out. But if a man fails to discipline himself and mindlessly ejaculates every time he makes love, it is like removing oil from a lamp that is already burnt out”

Culprits of Ejaculation control
• Masturbation
• Porn

A man won’t be able to have E.C if he has these in his life. Masturbation is actually a feminine characteristic. If women don’t, it’s ’cause they are masculine. See my post the two philosophies, masculine and feminine.

Most of the books about this are complicated and confusing. Causing one to have to study them over and over and over. Which my husband did, Until he was able to do it and simplify it for others.